[MUD-Dev] DGN: Lords, Vassals, Serfs and the Clergy

Jaycen Rigger jaycen.rigger at sbcglobal.net
Fri May 13 18:15:22 New Zealand Standard Time 2005

Paul Schwanz <pschwanz at bellsouth.net>  wrote:

> I think you make some good points, but why be so prescriptive?
> Perhaps there will not be one "best" governmental system.  Some
> players may prefer one approach and others may prefer another.

Because when you leave holes in the system, players will drive
trucks through them.

> You could let the players select their own sort of government with
> their own rules.

I do.  But it must be done within the context of this system.  They
can make up any rules they want and then try to enforce them.  The
ones that make up dumbass rules will be deposed quickly.

> Want to put together a fuedal system with draconian role-playing
> requirements?  Go for it.  If that's the sort of community people
> want to live in, they will come in droves.

This probably answers all of your questions best.  One of the
greatest benefits of this system, and it's the one trait that
ensures it can persist, is that it doesn't require any
"role-playing", whatever that means.

If it isn't coded, it doesn't exist.  Roleplayed stuff is the worst.
No one will agree as to what "good" role-playing is.  You'll notice
that I don't try to outline it, either.  You can role-play anything
you want in my system, but you can't "role-play" around the
mechanics, therefore 1 jackass (or 3 socializer twits who can't keep
from whining that one in their group isn't role-playing something
right) can't choose to derail the entire system.


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