[MUD-Dev] SOC: Will company sanctioned cheating hurt the MMO community?

virax virax at bennyedwards.com
Sat May 14 17:35:36 New Zealand Standard Time 2005

In alot of cases, cheating is merely the lack of forethought from
the game-masters.  You can say a million times that a feature wont
interact with another feature in a particular way, but that doesnt
mean it WONT do it at all.  Most GM's have a knee-jerk reaction to
unexpected feature crossovers (panic, bannination), and most players
will only call it cheating if they didnt think of it first, or the
flaw was used in a detrimental manner to the 'honest' players.

Back to the topic of company sanctioned item selling, look at how
Blizzard's D2 went without sanctioned trading.  Uber cheated eq for
sale on ebay, trading for 50, +100 dollars!  And then when blizzard
cracked down, otherwise-honest people were screwed over for HAVING
these items while the people who crafted the bugged items themselves
stayed in the limits of honest people.  With Sony playing devil's
advocate, there will be a higher chance of having only genuine items
traded for real dollars.  If they let something slip through, people
will have a legal recourse; something the D2 players weren't

Similar to the golf analogy, poor doesnt mean peasantly-like.  Who'd
have thought a dubiously-oriented immigrant porn star would become
Governor of an American state?  If you want something enough you'll
go and earn it.  Motivation isnt limited by how much currency is in
your pocket.

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