[MUD-Dev] What level maximum do players like best?

Eric eric at enkanica.com
Wed May 18 02:31:20 New Zealand Standard Time 2005

I see a distribution of level ranges that include 20 to 60, 70,
sometimes level 100.  I remember 18 being a holy number for a long
time, but I just assumed that it was because the demographic at the
time was, in effect, aged 18.

Is there some magic maximum level that players particularly prefer
to achieve?  Or do the majority of players simply prefer to achieve
the maximum level?  Or is level 42 that magic number that most
players like to achieve and then stop at?

People that I play with, we don't like to reach those maximum levels
because we are all well aware that maximum levels involves a whole
new style of gaming that just isn't, well, fun (for us).  It's sort
of like having the option of buying an expensive car that has
outrageously priced repair parts or a moderately expensive car with
cheaper repair parts.  So in games like EverQuest, we like to
achieve about level 20 or so, and then try to keep there as long as
we can until we eventually eat up all the content.  This is because,
well at the time, the level 30-40 content required an additional
time investment that was at an exponential like growth when ranked
according to other level spreads at the amount of time it took to
play the grouped game.

I don't even like to max out my levels in the RPG console games like
KOTOR or what have you.  Instead, I like just enough power to feel
dangerous, but to be weak enough to still have a challenge that can
be approached when I go under attack.  Like God-mode, its only fun
for a while.

In that place called RL, I know of plenty of people who prefer not
to achieve maximum level.  Instead, they refuse management levels,
salary increases, and what have you and continue to work in strange
places ranging from QuickServ to Refuse Removal.
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