[MUD-Dev] Guest Voices #2: Griefing in Online Games

Paul Schwanz pschwanz at bellsouth.net
Wed May 18 04:42:20 New Zealand Standard Time 2005

J C Lawrence wrote:

> PK crypto is a frequent suggestion for such problems but suffers
> from two central problems:

>   There is significant reward for an inimical player to ensure
>   that their private keys are shared, and shared in a way which
>   makes accurate detection and handling exceedingly
>   difficult/expensive.

What if we were able to work something into the private key that
gave the player a strong incentive not to share it?  Like, for
instance, the credit card information against which the account is
paid must be present along with the key in order for it to be
usable?  Of course, this move beyond simple PK crypto, but I'm just
thinking out loud.

--Paul "Phinehas" Schwanz
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