[MUD-Dev] SOC: Will company sanctioned cheating hurttheMMOcommunity?

ghovs ghovs at plex.nl
Fri May 20 03:29:08 New Zealand Standard Time 2005

cruise wrote:

> Depends on whether the results were the same as with golf. I could
> have the best golfing equipment known to man, but if I played
> Tiger Woods I'd get laughed off the course. In MMO's the equipment
> maketh the man, for the most part, and the competition between the
> two would be much closer.

Most RMT people have to deal with a certain stigma, which is the
perceived image of people who don't know how to play. It's akin to
being laughed off the course, but it mostly amounts to some players
avoiding them.

> If that ever changes, and a poorly equipped good player can beat a
> new player with uberloot, then you might find a lot less
> complaints about people ebaying high-end stuff.

Mostly because it has then been rendered valueless, and no longer
warrants pursuing, which takes the whole point out of getting
gear. You could cut the usefulness of every sliver of character
progression to such a degree that it only delivers a small
advantage, which you don't need to function, but what makes the game
tick is progression. The reward is not as much the gear or level
itself, it is the ability to take that and beat up on something that
others can't handle.

Peter de Freitas
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