[MUD-Dev] SOC: Will company sanctioned cheating hurttheMMOcommunity?

Dana V. Baldwin dbaldwin at playnet.com
Fri May 20 04:29:26 New Zealand Standard Time 2005

Paul Schwanz wrote:
> Jaycen Rigger wrote:

>> Image two twins, Joe and John, seperated at birth.  Joe is given
>> to a mega-wealthy family and grows up never having to consider
>> his choices or worry about working because he's so rich, his
>> great-great-great grandchildren won't have to work.

>> John is given to a low-income, lower-class family.  John has to
>> work and struggle for everything he has, all through his life.

>> At 45 years of age, imagine both men sitting on seperate yachts,
>> on seperate oceans, each at the same financial point in their
>> lives.  Anything is possible, but which man would you suppose has
>> the greater depth of character?  Which man has more "life
>> experiences"?

> Obviously, John does.  He sounds like a great guy.

I was going to pick Joe. John as you say has spent all his life
working and striving to get to where he is. Very admirable most
certainly but Joe on the other hand has probably run with the bulls,
surfed around the world, driven some killer cars, ballooned across
the alps, dated a supermodel and had dinner with a dictator. Joe by
far has more life experience than poor John the worker bee. I don't
see Joe as some sort of Villan just because he never had to
work. That would be the height of prejudice. Similarly I don't see
John as being good or bad because he had to work his whole life. Joe
could be a saint who gave his life to charity and John could be a
thug gangster running a casino.

Similarly the prejudice that says because a player spends 60 hours a
week playing to lvl 60 is superior in some way to a player who had
his buddies power level him is just plain silly. Almost as silly as
calling someone a cheater if they buy a character in a game that has
decided that buying characters or items is OK.

Granted I don't wholly agree with that policy but in all reality it
could be designed away very easily so I see it as an explored choice
and not a very academic issue. Don't want people to ebay stuff in
your design? That's easy enough to do. But don't call John a cheater
or villian for working within the design.
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