DGN: Emergent Behaviors spawned from - Re: [MUD-Dev] SOC: Will company sanctioned cheating hurt theMMOcommunity?

Jaycen Rigger jaycen.rigger at sbcglobal.net
Fri May 27 16:42:10 New Zealand Standard Time 2005

Otis Viles wrote:

> As a geeky coder since the age of 13 and a MUD coder for the past
> decade, the idea sounds awesome to me and the kind of project I
> might like to tackle if I had a bit more free time on my
> hands. I'm not convinced it would make any difference to players,
> however, for the reason stated above; players are really going to
> just see the end result (unless they're a very special kind of
> player that most games don't support) so the mechanics might as
> well be a random die roll against a table of "what kind of orc
> band do I encounter?"

I see your point very well.  Something like this is really more for
the developer than the player.  "My AI does really-cool-thing X."

I try to ask myself, "Does it add something for the player?"  If the
answer is no, or not really, then I think you have to re-examine the

I think AI henchmen are a really cool idea, but I find that players
end up using them to substitute for "making friends with other human
players", which can be harder than having a "pretend friend" along
who simply follows orders and doesn't judge your ability to
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