DGN: Emergent Behaviors spawned from - Re: [MUD-Dev] SOC: Will company sanctioned cheating hurt theMMOcommunity?

Otis Viles otis.viles at gmail.com
Wed Jun 1 02:46:24 New Zealand Standard Time 2005

On 5/28/05, Adam Spivey <adam.spivey at gmail.com> wrote:

> So why not draw the player's focus to all of the cool stuff under
> the hood? An in-game newspaper, some postings on your game's
> website, almost any medium could be used -- and better still,
> /these too could be automated/.

Your idea is interesting but it doesn't require what I was arguing
against -- actually having the mobs display grouping and pecking
order behaviors. You could do the entire thing as a random roll on a
table. In some respects, the random table entry would be better --
if the mobs are truly wandering about according to some algorithm,
they might not be anywhere near where the paper the players just
bought said they were. If the tip sheets become too unreliable,
players will stop buying them and just go back to the "visit
everywhere, kill everything that moves".

So, I like the idea but it doesn't require an AI-style
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