[MUD-Dev] Development and Live Team Dynamics

Chris Richards doktorstick at gmail.com
Sat Jun 4 05:54:10 New Zealand Standard Time 2005

What are the dynamics between the development and live teams
post-launch with respect to team cross-over, designer influence,
maintenance, content updates, and architecture.

For instance, in a medium to large-scale production,

  - How long after post-launch do the core developers support the

  - How much of the live team consists of the core developers?

  - Do members of the live team transition to core developers?

  - Does the designer hand over the world with guidelines to a "live
  designer" or does the core designer stay tight within the loop?

  - What level of new content requires development support as
  opposed to live team support?  For example, in games with content
  patches that have new game dynamics (e.g., Castle Sieges of
  Lineage II, Battlegrounds of World of Warcraft), which team
  designs/implements these features?  If the development team
  implements it, how long do they support this new feature?

  - If the support or game architecture need to be revamped
  post-launch, who has that responsibility?  Do business necessities
  often require developers to be pulled from new titles or

I expect the answers are much like those if asked of the non-gaming,
corporate world, but I'm curious to see where they differ, if at

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