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John Buehler spake thusly...

> One solution to all of this may be to skip compression of
> activities and to switch to having the player juggle multiple
> characters that operate simultaneously in different parts of the
> world.  While one character is skinning a hide, another character
> might be negotiating a deal and a third might be searching for
> herbs.  All the while, the player is socializing with other
> players, researching online and monitoring the characters.  Just a
> thought.

Could this be part of the attraction of the Sims?

All the "boring stuff" (work, sleep) can be zoomed past. Plus, you
can have an entire family to run, so when one is out at work, the
other can be improving their cooking skill, or whatever.

It's been suggested in the past to have a "family" in game, to deal
with character death. Why not take it a step further, and give all
players a proper family?

On account creation, you choose a family name. Then, all characters
created within that account are part of that family. In addition,
each character can be played similtaneously. Players will always
make mules, even if they have to buy multiple accounts. Building it
into the design helps ny exploits be controlled. Then, as suggested,
you can set one character to crafting, while you hunt with
another. Or, hopefully, more imaginative passtimes. No more
downtime. There is always something to do in game. I remember AO
players arguing on the boards about the times when they'd tab out of
game and chat, or web browse, while waiting to heal in
Shadowlands. While that is still bad design, at least your players
would have something else to do /in game/ during such periods.

Allowing reproduction (while keeping it "in the family" fits the
game better, that might raise a few eyebrows among players. Dealing
with mixed account offspring is a whole 'nother discussion) and
permadeath follows naturally from this, but isn't essential.

[ cruise / / ]
   "quantam sufficit"
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