[MUD-Dev] Dgn: Currency free game [was: Blog about GDC implies changes to MMORPG population]

cruise cruise at casual-tempest.net
Tue Jun 7 22:21:47 New Zealand Standard Time 2005

Paolo Piselli spake thusly...

> As for taxes, a "tax" seems like a mere scaling of the world
> economy, as it does not have the effect of redistributing capital
> to an in-game faction and, at the end of the summation, taxing
> each transaction would discourage tade (better to just go out and
> farm X yourself, rather than acquire Y, take a tax hit on the
> sale, then buy X).  Or better yet, the player-economy would shift
> over towards a bartering system based on player trades to avoid
> taxation, and some other item becomes the defacto currency.

A sudden thought hit me just after I'd read this: Have any games
tried not having a built-in currency?

  ie. The game starts with /only/ a barter system, but there is a
  crafting system that would allow creation of jewellry and such.

How long would it take players to agree common equivalences, and
have characters working as dedicated minters producing "coinage"?

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