[MUD-Dev] Dgn: Currency free game [was: Blog about GDC implies changes to MMORPG population]

Michael Hartman michael at thresholdrpg.com
Thu Jun 9 00:46:21 New Zealand Standard Time 2005

cruise wrote:

> A sudden thought hit me just after I'd read this: Have any games
> tried not having a built-in currency?

>  ie. The game starts with /only/ a barter system, but there is a
>  crafting system that would allow creation of jewellry and such.

> How long would it take players to agree common equivalences, and
> have characters working as dedicated minters producing "coinage"?

ATITD had no currency.

Honestly, I think it doesn't add anything to the game and just makes
things very painful for a long time (until players manage to cobble
something together).

Michael Hartman
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