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Thu Jun 9 22:41:54 New Zealand Standard Time 2005

John Buehler spake thusly...

> It was a clever thing to do.  The real problem with it was that it
> happened in a game where people camp a site for experience.
> Players would spend days at a field of such monsters, killing them
> as efficiently as possible.  The appearance of such a highbie
> monster was simply an annoyance because nobody present could kill
> it.  And until it was killed, the lowbie monsters didn't return.

Yeah, that's just plain nuts. The OP's suggestion was to have the
high spawn in a seperate dungeon somewhere else. Plus, it's
appearance didn't stop the low monsters spawning. This sounds a bit
like "You're killing 'em too quickly, stop it."

> The flaw, in my opinion, is in making achievement the overriding
> focus of gameplay.  It means that a clever thing like creating a
> huge monster is lost on the players who are present.  Their
> characters, even the many lowbie player characters present, could
> not kill the highbie.

> If such a thing were done such that the one big monster were just
> something that required everyone present to mass attack it, then
> it would make more sense.  It would be a variation on the
> entertainment of killing the monsters in the field instead of a
> suspension of that entertainment.  Players would have to wait
> until a highbie could be called in or a player was willing to swap
> out to an alternate highbie character.

Agreed. Having it killable by a big enough group of lowbies would
make much more sense. A mini-raid type affair.

Which brings me to another question. Why is it that most raids are
"high-end content" only? What's wrong with having raid-worthy stuff
all the way up? Or take the route CoH did with it's Giant Monsters,
making them con the same to any level - so whether you're 5 or 50,
it's always the equivalent of fighting a +4 mob. Anyone can help,
everyone can join in.

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