[MUD-Dev] Blog about GDC implies changes to MMORPG population

Craig Huber huberc at frontiernet.net
Fri Jun 17 04:16:36 New Zealand Standard Time 2005

Amanda Walker wrote...

> No game except for Second Life (which is arguably not a game)
> supports "real" crafting, though.  Most MMORPG crafting has about
> as much "craft" as putting nickels into a soda machine and
> pressing the button.


(Sorry: I generally prefer to lurk, but I'm just so -glad- to see
someone besides me actually say it.)

I actually prefer to use the "slot machine" analogy, though: insert
coins, pull lever, get a prize?

It may not be entirely fair to paint the entire industry with the
same brush, however.  Both EQ2 and Horizons made at least a token
attempt at adding "game-play" (using Costikyan's definition of game,
which includes decision-making as a key component) to the overall
crafting model... they didn't go anywhere near far enough, IMO, but
they tried.

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