[MUD-Dev] Blog about GDC implies changes to MMORPG population

Amanda Walker amanda at alfar.com
Mon Jun 20 04:19:41 New Zealand Standard Time 2005

On Jun 17, 2005, at 11:12 AM, John Buehler wrote:

> The shaping of metal in their crafting system is a novel first
> step towards actual blacksmithing, which is where I'd like to see
> things go.  The metal doesn't behave like metal, but it can be
> 'worked' into various forms, and practice with their system makes
> the player a better crafter.

This still strikes me as a puzzle game, not a crafting game.  I
would call "real" crafting a way to create a new object, where "new"
means "new in design", not "new copy of standard template".

For example, a "real" crafting system should let me create and/or
uploading textures and geometry for objects.  Consider, oh, leather
armor.  Quite easy to paint and ornament in real life, even without
this causing any change in combat effectiveness (not counting
camouflage).  Or tattoos.  Or shield and tabard designs.  Or
housing/ guild halls...

Amanda Walker
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