[MUD-Dev] BIZ: Customer Acquisition Costs in MMOs

Vladimir Cole vc at vladcole.net
Mon Jun 20 10:11:49 New Zealand Standard Time 2005

Are there any benchmark numbers I can use for a marketing analysis
I'm conducting?

I'll ask for the world first: I'd like to know what customer
acquisition costs are for MMOs at all ranges, from the blockbusters
like World of Warcraft and Everquest II to the more niche-focused
games like There, TSO and Meridian 59.

I don't expect to get my answer so easily, so perhaps we could get
some educated guesses going, based on the following customer
acquisition cost numbers from back when everyone was spending like
crazy to acquire online consumers:

  Amazon.com $29 (Fortune, 02/01/1999)
  Credit Cards $50-$75 (Fortune, 08/03/98)
  Mortgage Lenders $100-$250 (Fortune, 08/03/98)
  Various E-Commerce Sites $34 (ComputerWorld, 10/12/98)

(PS: I tried searching for this in the archives, but the archives
link that appears on this page
https://kanga.nu/lists/listinfo/mud-dev is down.)


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