[MUD-Dev] Blog about GDC implies changes to MMORPG population

Tony Hoyt gmtonyhoyt at yahoo.com
Tue Jun 28 02:50:13 New Zealand Standard Time 2005

--- Amanda Walker <amanda at alfar.com> wrote:

> I just think things like crafting and combat should be creative
> activities that depend on player skill.

A lot of people I know, seem to perfer a more "Time == Reward" Model
though instead of a "Skill == Reward" model since it's a game.  They
don't want really have to 'craft' anything, they just want to give
the apperance.  More people seem interested in being a shopkeeper or
crafting unusual/rare goods as a sort of status symbol then they are
really ever touching a crafting tool.  What do we do with these
players though?  They don't want to pay someone to craft, they
rather do it themselves, but what are they in it for in the game?


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