[MUD-Dev] Hosting questions

James Turner zakalawe at mac.com
Thu Jun 30 23:51:22 New Zealand Standard Time 2005

On 28 Jun 2005, at 07:23, Mike Rozak wrote:

>  It's infinitely cheaper for me to hire a server someplace in the
>  US, and monitor it remotely. (Anyone have suggestions on ISPs?
>  I've been exploring ICUServices and Wolfpaw.) However, if/when
>  the server crashes, debugging is much more difficult, if not
>  impossible.

I don't understand this point - any decent hosting service will
given you enough access to run remote debugging, won't it? gdb and
Visual Studio support remote debugging, although in the case of VS
it works better if the debug target and host share a Windows domain,
I think.  Obviously for gdb you could ssh in, start you server and

Is there some debugging scenario I'm not understand here?

And as you say, hosting in the US will be far better for most users
than an AU-based server (no offence intended...)

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