[MUD-Dev] Reward system for social gaming?

Alex McGivern alex at aeonofdiscord.co.uk
Thu Oct 6 10:24:29 New Zealand Daylight Time 2005

Sean Howard wrote:

> The problem you are trying to "solve" cannot be solved in the
> manner you are hoping for. Social interaction is not a gameplay
> device. It cannot be.  If it does, you'll see the worst, most
> dispicable behavior that mankind has EVER been capable of, played
> out in glorious technicolor.

Maybe I read the original post wrong, but to me it seemed Martin's
project was a piece of pure research. It's an experimental game, not
a commercial one. There's no problem being solved here.

And - given that it's an experiment - even if the players do commit
deplorable acts of vileness, that's a valuable outcome. The sum
total of knowledge about socialisation in MMOs is increased whatever

> Whatever system you create, it will ALWAYS be easier to screw over
> another player to beat the system than play it.

Doesn't this apply to game mechanics in general? I don't see why
socially-focused mechanics are more exploitable than any other kind.

> You can't have players manipulating each other to get ahead. It's
> a recipe for disaster[...]

Why is that? Is it worse than allowing them to get ahead by killing
and looting each other?

> The last thing we need are MMORPG concentration camps - and I am
> serious.

MMORPGs already have "spawns": areas into which large numbers of
NPCs are placed in order to be slaughtered en masse by the players,
who revel in (and profit from) their murder. It's not such a big

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