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Arnau Josep Rosselló Castelló arossello at atmsa.org
Fri Oct 7 01:08:13 New Zealand Daylight Time 2005

06/10/2005 01:12 -0400, Michael Hartman wrote:

> Personally, I believe voice chat is an anti-RP piece of
> technology. The overwhelming majority of players are not going to
> be able to alter their voice to sound anything like their
> character should. Even with a few voice altering filters, it still
> will not even get close to the variety in character types a
> typical RP game would have.

Well, voice worked for me when playing pen and paper RPGs, and in
general I think that roleplaying benefits from abstracted
representations, as it let's you "play out what is happening" in
your head, which I think it's the most enjoyable thing on an RPG.

I suppose that's the reason when i come to MMORPGS I'm more of the
PVP/Fragfest/Minmaxing/Ganker camp; I find roleplaying imposible
with all that abundance of, um, representative representations
getting in the way of my imagination. When I started playing WOW, I
created a female human mage that in my head was a cross between
belit from the conan series and the magik-crazed mage in the WOW
intro. Instead i got a twit that dances macarena, yawns affectedly
when she's stopped, her silly command is something about tailoring
and cooking, and already has a stupid voice. Oh well at least it's
not a NE pole-dancing bitch...

My point is that for roleplaying i think it's better to have a voice
that has nothing to do with the "real" sound of who is saying it,
that a canned voice that is sold to you as how that avatar sounds,
but can be-- must be, not all WOW dwarves should be thick accented
ale-drinkers-- just as much character-breaking.

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