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Dana V. Baldwin dbaldwin at playnet.com
Fri Oct 7 05:22:15 New Zealand Daylight Time 2005

Michael Hartman wrote:
> Mike Rozak wrote:

>> Because I'm not a role player and don't know much about it, I
>> thought I'd post here and see what role players think about these
>> features:

>>   1) Voice chat

> Personally, I believe voice chat is an anti-RP piece of
> technology. The overwhelming majority of players are not going to
> be able to alter their voice to sound anything like their
> character should. Even with a few voice altering filters, it still
> will not even get close to the variety in character types a
> typical RP game would have.

I am a role player. I use voice chat continuously. I do not role
play in voice chat however. Using voice chat for the mundane aspect
of playing with friends allows our very large guild to roleplay
continuously in game. Voice chat amongst a small group of friends
gives us an outlet to play out-of-character since our guild is 100%
roleplay, no OOC with strict language rules as well as dress and
structure rules.

In the end, voice chat enables us to play together as friends in a
completely role play only guild. My avatar, like everyone in our
guild is respected (and ridiculed) for this commitment to 100%
roleplay in game. I, the player, use voice chat. This seperation is
the true enabler for our play group. If you use voice chat as the
player, you may find that you are much better enabled to make your
in game character a completely immersed avatar.

This is also one of the reasons that I think that voice chat should
remain a group centric opt-in feature, and as such even better left
to a third party solution in fantasy games. Non-fantasy games which
do not necessarily benefit from voice acting (or typing) to be the
immersion enabler may be candidates for integrated voice chat but
that is still to be determined on any scale bigger than about 16
players and even those games generally are played with voice chat
off after the novelty wears off. OTOH our game has a huge,
regimented, opt-in only system that roughly 60% of the player base
uses to communicate in channels that represent the military command
structure of the player run command organizations but I dare say
that they aren't roleplaying in the traditional actor sense but are
roleplaying in the structured organization sense.
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