[MUD-Dev] DESIGN: Role playing

Mike Rozak Mike at mxac.com.au
Fri Oct 7 09:26:53 New Zealand Daylight Time 2005

Michael Hartman wrote:

> Personally, I believe voice chat is an anti-RP piece of
> technology. The overwhelming majority of players are not going to
> be able to alter their voice to sound anything like their
> character should. Even with a few voice altering filters, it still
> will not even get close to the variety in character types a
> typical RP game would have.

Good points.

I put voice chat in because I found it much more comfortable than
text chat when playing with my friends, and most chat between MMORPG
players seems to be with their friends. I had already read Richard
Bartle's article, but wasn't sure how voice chat would be recevied
by role players. (Of course, admins have the option to disable voice
chat for their world.)

Mike Rozak
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