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Pandora pubsynx7hye at pacbell.net
Fri Oct 7 21:08:24 New Zealand Daylight Time 2005

Michael Sellers wrote:

> The point is that there is no "we" to judge -- unless you want to
> go by the box office and rental revenues, in which case "we," the
> people seeing this movie, think it's pretty dang good after all.

That's ad populum right there though.  The criteria for judgement
have nothing to do with how many people like it.  One person could
alone hold up the first movie as superior on many levels, and even
if the entire world went to see the other movie it wouldn't make
that one person wrong.  We judge art based on its effect on our
society, on its lasting quality, on its depth and layers of
symbolism, on its fragile transience, on its irony, on its purity or
mathematical precision, on its raw emotionality and surreal effect,
on any number of merits that have nothing to do with box office

I guess my point is, if you make a game because it will sell
according to existing market trends, then your game will sell
according to existing market trends, and not much else.  There are
many other reasons to make a game, and many other criteria with
which to judge its worth after being made.  To say all those
criteria are subjective and anyone can just decide when they want
them to be true is doing them a disservice I think.

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