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Christopher Allen ChristopherA at skotos.net
Sun Oct 9 06:43:22 New Zealand Daylight Time 2005

On 9/28/05, Arnau Josep Rossell=F3 Castell=F3 <arossello at atmsa.org> wrote:

> Does anybody know of a framework that has at least some of the
> following?

> - Works on IE and Firefox (old netscape, opera, the MacOS browser
> thing, whose name eludes me, etc... would also be nice)

We wrote two apps, Alice (an ActiveX component for IE) and Zealous
(a XUL component for Mozilla/Firefox), each which use the same
underlying protocol, for a number of games at Skotos. Check out
Castle Marrach or Lovecraft Country at www.skotos.net (30 day free
trial) using IE and Firefox to see how it works. Both we've been
quite willing to share if others have serious interest.

There are also some new techniques using AJAX where you can simulate
a stream -- you can see this in my www.synchroedit.com alpha. We'll
probably be publishing that library separately soon, as I think it
will be quite useful for web games.

-- Christopher Allen

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