[MUD-Dev] Reward system for social gaming?

Arnau Josep Rosselló Castelló arossello at atmsa.org
Thu Oct 13 04:59:14 New Zealand Daylight Time 2005

06/10/2005 09:20 -0500, Sean Howard wrote: 

> There's a lot of behavior that is possible in these games which
> screw over other players - not NPCs. In WoW, it's possible for a
> large enough force (in a PvP setting) to actually take and hold a
> low level area of the opposing team. You could grab a few hundred
> level 60 Alliance guys (most servers are 2-1 in favor, and some
> are as much as 5-1) and just take over the Barrens, for example,
> and really make it impossible for any Horde character to level
> past 15. It sounds really cool, but it is literally racist
> oppression. The barrens would become a virtual concentration camp
> - because the gameplay encourages segregation (Alliance and Horde
> can't trade or even communicate with each other) and racism.

As an anecdote I can tell you that in WOW, I was leveling around
Southshore when the honor system was live, but before the
battlegrounds were started. As many can remember, in almost all
servers the ground between opposing alliance and horde cities was a
continuous tug-of-war between masses of levels 40 to 60. Although
leveling was more difficult, and some quests could not be really
made, because they we're in the middle of the clash, I enjoyed that
time, because it brought varied events, and a certain "liveness" to
a world that although enjoyable is too much static for my tastes.

I think if you can still go on and do things around while a raid is
going on, there would not be too much of a problem; you just have to
be careful to not have single points of failure like the
flightmaster, the bank and the auction house. If you duplicated
these on the other side of a city, there would be no problem with
raids, as you could always go somewhere to do what you wanted to do.

Of course this doesn't work with WOW, as it's servers can't really
handle more than 150 people so close, but that is "only" a technical
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