[MUD-Dev] Reward system for social gaming?

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Fri Oct 14 00:39:39 New Zealand Daylight Time 2005

On 10/12/05, Arnau Josep Rossell=F3 Castell=F3 <arossello at atmsa.org> wrote:
> 06/10/2005 09:20 -0500, Sean Howard wrote:

>> take over the Barrens, for example, and really make it impossible
>> for any Horde character to level past 15. It sounds really cool,
>> but it is literally racist oppression.

There's a corresponding set of quest arcs at the same level in
Silverpine.  Silverpine isn't large enough to support the numbers
the Barrens does, but it is an alternative.

> I think if you can still go on and do things around while a raid
> is going on, there would not be too much of a problem; you just
> have to be careful to not have single points of failure like the
> flightmaster, the bank and the auction house.

Or quest givers.  Horde side, it often used to be literally
impossible to complete (or get) a lot of quests in the Crossroads
and Tarran Mill as a result of the NPCs needed to get and complete
the quests being pretty much perma killed during prime time.

Of course both of these cases assume that questing is
"necessary". While it's true that it's possible to level to 60
without completing a single quest... you wouldn't want to.
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