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Dana V. Baldwin wrote:
> I get the distinct impression that you think role play is a solely
> social engagement. I would ask you to consider that you can play the
> role of a fighter or healer even when you are in comabt. Role play
> is not merely thee and thou but encompases, at least for me, as many
> aspects of the character as I can. My fighter might choose to never
> ask for healing and prefer to die on his feet to let his friends
> survive. He can make that a part of his character role and play it
> as a character trait without ever saying anything. Similiarly Imight
> play the cowardly captain who hides in his fox hole while giving
> orders to his team. How I give those orders and what they are can be
> very much a part of the role that my character plays.

I agree with what you have said here. But I disagree that in a role 
playing game, having effective borging/power levelling tools (like voice 
chat) adds to the role play aspect of the game. It is still best done 
via text.

> I do agree that in general role play is better in type and voice is
> best used as an OOC augmentation but how you play a role in the
> setting is not limited to non-combat.


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