[MUD-Dev] [TECH] Multi - Browser plugin framework

Max Battcher me at worldmaker.net
Wed Oct 19 04:38:12 New Zealand Daylight Time 2005

Lachek Butalek wrote:
> 29/09/2005 19:52 -0400, Lachek Butalek wrote:

>> Mhh does XUL let me serve the client logic over the network? I
>> don't have as much problem with a one-time install if from there
>> on all the updates are transparent.

Firefox's Extension system will indeed auto-update your plugin when
you produce new releases.  (If you've installed several Firefox
plugins you've probably got use to the Green Update icon when
plugins need/want updating.)

Supporting that is a bit of work on your part, obviously.
Particularly if you are compiling C/C++ client side logic you have
to make sure you build for every platform you want to support.  On
the other hand, you can just try to do all the client logic in

If you aren't planning to do it as a Firefox plugin and plan to
build it as a standalone XUL application (like Firefox itself or
Thunderbird), you are going to have to build your own auto-update
mechanism (although you might be able scavenge those parts from the
Firefox codebase)...  at least until the XUL Runner application
framework is complete.

>> Can a custom XUL game even work with a previously installed
>> Firefox?

> As for your last question, I'm guessing you're referring to the
> stability of the XUL API, and I must confess I am blissfully
> ignorant on that point. I do know that Firefox contains versioning
> support for its modules, so it can verify if your XUL extension
> will work with the particular browser version before it installs
> itself.

Prior to the 1.0 release of Firefox the XUL API was notorious for
instability.  However, as said above, the XUL API has always been
well versioned so Firefox _will_ tell you at install time whether or
not something may be installed.

--Max Battcher--
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