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> encounter in the real world.  it stems from the fact that in the
> real world, for someone to advance in power, someone else doesn't.
> in the game world, everyone can advance in power to absolutely no
> detriment to anyone else.

Intuitively what strikes me is that simply pegging commodities to a
fixed price point, and rescaling the rest of the economy around
that, does not solve the problem - it merely causes an inflation of
commodity prices relative to personal wealth (who cares if the price
is fixed, it is effectively the same as keeping monster rewards the
same and scaling up prices).  What you have effectively done is make
commodities unaffordable for all expect those at the top end of the
wealth distribution.  Without scaling commodity prices, you may have
had excess capital in the system, but at least everyone could afford
the basic vendor commodities.

This is a very interesting discussion, but theories about
controlling inflation must be a common topic in economics, and we
should not pretend to be able to reinvent such a well-studies field.
Does anyone have any good references for background reading on this


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