[MUD-Dev] Effort to produce a quest

Ghilardi Filippo filippo.ghilardi at dsdata.com
Thu Nov 17 22:55:52 New Zealand Daylight Time 2005

Mike Rozak wrote:

> WoW has 3000 quests (or so I think I've heard), and about 600
> hours of content (to make a round number). That's means that
> players complete a quest once every 12 minutes, on average. My
> experience with EQII is that quests take a similar amount of time
> to complete.

In reality I suspect that the mean of 12 minutes per quest isn't
calculated properly.  Consider that is nearly impossible to complete
every quest. And isn't just for difficulty. There's quests that you
won't do as area inacessible for your faction, race or class. Also
players discards quests that got old (uncompleted quests that are of
many level lower).

Another consideration is that there's usually at least 2 different
zones for any level range. So, if you do all quests in zone A
probably won't do quests in zone B as your level won't fit anymore
those two zones (no or too little gain).

As a player of WoW, I could estimate that an average player won't do
more than 50% of those 3000 quests. There's addons that keep tracked
quests taken, completed and discarded among other useful data like
timestamps etc.  I think blizzard has stats and infos about quests
usage/preferences among players but I think they won't give out such
data. In an experimental way could be simpler to ask some friends to
play with those addons and gather data.

ciao ciao
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