[MUD-Dev] Effort to produce a quest

Mike Rozak Mike at mxac.com.au
Fri Nov 18 10:07:55 New Zealand Daylight Time 2005

Ghilardi Filippo wrote:

> In reality I suspect that the mean of 12 minutes per quest isn't
> calculated properly.  Consider that is nearly impossible to
> complete every quest. And isn't just for difficulty. There's
> quests that you won't do as area inacessible for your faction,
> race or class. Also players discards quests that got old
> (uncompleted quests that are of many level lower).

One of the sanity checks I considered was that it takes 14 days (as
I recall from a research web site) to get a character to level
60. 14 x 24 = 336 hours. I was assuming that getting one hoard
character and once alliance character to 60 would lead a player
through most of the quests.

However, I forgot about the doubled zones.

So, a WoW quest might 24 minutes to complete instead of 12. How much
much time does the equivalent quest (in a text MUD) take to write?

Mike Rozak
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