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On 11/17/05, Mike Rozak <Mike at mxac.com.au> wrote:
> Ghilardi Filippo wrote:

>> In reality I suspect that the mean of 12 minutes per quest isn't
>> calculated properly.

> One of the sanity checks I considered was that it takes 14 days
> (as I recall from a research web site) to get a character to level
> 60. 14 x 24 =3D 336 hours. I was assuming that getting one hoard
> character and once alliance character to 60 would lead a player
> through most of the quests.

>>From reading the WoW message boards, 10 days is considered
'standard' if you focus on levelling and don't work on secondary
skills (except where essential) or any tradeskills.

I've hit 60 is 12 and 13 days played, and I'm not really a fast
leveller.  YMMV and all that.

> However, I forgot about the doubled zones.

You also neglected that at a higher level, a lot of quests are
duplicated for both factions (all the Thorium Brotherhood, Argent
Order and Timbermaw furbolg faction quests just off the top of my

In addition, there is quest 'stacking'.  That is, I can work on the
"big game hunter" lines in STV and there's a Horde quest line that
requires drops from the various creatures in the "big game hunter"
lines.  There's also a lot of quests of the variety "kill 12" and an
associated "kill the boss" quest, where you need to complete the
clear 12 quest to get to the boss to kill (I just did a Venture
company linked quest like that in Mulgore).

There's also a huge difference between fed ex or "kill 12" type
quests and an instance quest.  In 15 minutes you could easily knock
off 3 quests (your first windrider ride), or start to get a group
together for an instance.

That being said, 15-20 minutes is a good SWAG for a typical simple
low to mid level quest, in terms of time it takes to complete.
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