[MUD-Dev] Dynamic Quests & Event Chains

Lydia Leong lwl at tower.black-knight.org
Sat Nov 19 04:08:18 New Zealand Daylight Time 2005

On Nov 17 11:17, Roger Hicks wrote:

> The goal here is to think of your game (or sub-zones/themes of
> that game) as state machines with a finite number of states. The
> players in the game are the catalyst for shifting the game from
> one state to the next. In each game state, different gameplay
> content is available, including some content that allows the
> players to shift the game into a different state.

It's an interesting idea but not a new one. People have done this
with LPmuds in the past, at the very least.

I'll add to the example list: About a dozen years ago, I built an
LPmud area that was themed around "Into the Woods" (a Sondheim
musical).  The various errands that you ran for the NPCs changed the
state of the world for everyone, which in turn changed in the
available quests, in a cyclical manner. You could, for instance,
obtain some magic beans, and use them to plant a beanstalk, which
would grow gradually over some time until it reached full height, at
which point someone could go up into the clouds and steal from
giant-land, which would cause a giant to come down from the sky and
need to be slain (and the beanstalk to be cut down to stop the giant
incursion).  That would reset things to the original "neutral"
state, making magic beans once again available.

	-- Lydia
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