[MUD-Dev] Sexism in design

Lydia Leong lwl at black-knight.org
Sun Nov 20 19:29:44 New Zealand Daylight Time 2005

On Nov 17,  5:06pm, Otis Viles wrote:

> I still browse TMC and avoid mudmagic, but it seems like all of
> the good talk is happening at www.mudlab.org now. It's smaller but
> it's staying on topic a lot more then TMC does these days. The
> focus there is pretty much on dev.

Speaking of MudLab, there's a funny thread going on there at the
moment, in a kind of sad, pathetic way:


It's about creating gender differences in games, and how inferior
women are to men.

The earnest debate going on in that thread is an interesting example
of how MUDs-for-experimentation can differ from commercial gaming
projects -- but also a worrisome illustration of how far embryonic
future game designers still need to go in their thinking.

	-- Lydia
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