[MUD-Dev] Dynamic Quests & Event Chains

Dave Mitchell timex at austin.rr.com
Tue Nov 22 07:36:21 New Zealand Daylight Time 2005

Just some general design comments on the semi-off topic discussion
of World Events in this thread - we looked at doing world instancing
based on major quest events. That is, a world instance would exist
for each linear "world changing event". As players completed these
events they would be moved to the next world instance with players
that had also completed this event.

Thus, from the player's perspective the world was forever changed on
the completion of the major quest. NPCs could respond to them
appropriately ("You saved the kingdom!"), the next major linear
event would now be available, quests could be added and removed as
made sense, etc.

On the negative side:

  - The number of world instances could get out of hand over the
  life of the game.

  - People joining the game would potentially have to complete
  x-number of these events to connect with their friends in the same
  world instance.

  - Even assuming these major events required a group effort to
  accomplish; the population of any particular world instance could
  be very small.

In the end, we shelved the idea because of the negatives outlined
above.  However, it might fit someone's world better or this might
provide a spark of innovation for someone out there who hadn't seen
or considered the idea before.

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