[MUD-Dev] Griefing

Tiago Carita tiago.carita at ydreams.com
Wed Nov 23 01:01:26 New Zealand Daylight Time 2005

Brian "Ayavaron" Ross wrote:

> Another problem that might not be such a big deal is that a group
> of players could exploit it for actual benefit. One player in a
> group might start griefing the other players with the intention of
> putting a bounty on his head. Then another player in the group
> could kill him and share the benefits with the other player. I
> don't really think this matters much, but it is something some
> people would want to consider.

What if to prevent abuse of the system the bounty for example in
game money would come from the players itself.

If somebody grieves me I will put 1000 credits on his bounty. I will
not start spending money for no reason. But he grieves other players
his bounty would grow fast.
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