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Vincent Archer archer at frmug.org
Thu Nov 24 23:04:47 New Zealand Daylight Time 2005

According to Ghilardi Filippo:
> Mike Rozak wrote:

>> WoW has 3000 quests (or so I think I've heard), and about 600
>> hours of content (to make a round number). That's means that
>> players complete a quest once every 12 minutes, on average. My
>> experience with EQII is that quests take a similar amount of time
>> to complete.

> In reality I suspect that the mean of 12 minutes per quest isn't
> calculated properly.  Consider that is nearly impossible to
> complete

It's calculated properly, but doesn't map to reality in WoW. I'd say
that, from these 3000 quests, you probably have 1000 alliance-only
quests, 1000 horde-only quests, and 1000 that are common.

As alliance, I levelled on quests two characters. Up to level 35, I
didn't do any common quest between these two characters. That was a
conscious decision, I focused entirely on areas I never played with
my first character, to see what these were. As level increase, it's
more and more difficult, but there's still quests I haven't done the
first time around. I've exhausted the variety however - if I were to
level a third character alliance side, I would probably be unable to
find quests I haven't done, except starting areas (up to level 10)

As a rough guess, I'd say a character probably does 1200-1500 quests

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