[MUD-Dev] DGN: MMOG Game Economies

Adam Spivey adam.spivey at gmail.com
Sat Nov 26 12:47:55 New Zealand Daylight Time 2005

William Leader wrote:
> Christopher D. Chapman wrote:

>> I'm pretty much of the firm belief that a scaling system of 'pay
>> for training' that links xp to gold will help create a single
>> currency (instead of the two) and solve all of the issues around
>> the rampant inflation in these games.  i've written up a
>> moderately brief piece evolving from a bit of stream of
>> consciousness rambling.

> Lets assume that Cash rewards are static (they might be a random
> range but that just makes the example hard). Lets also assume that
> the target price index is 1 (because this makes the example easy.)
> Now lets say that your typical cash reward is $10. but you notice
> that the price index is up to 1.1 this is bad. so to curb the
> inflation before giving a reward we multiply it by the target
> index divided by the actual index. 10 x 1 / 1.1 = 9 (rounded to
> whole number). So the index goes up players get less cash this
> counters inflation. You can also use this for calculating the
> price merchants pay for items too. Now if the index is down, then
> 10 * 1 / 0.9 = 11 (again rounded). Players have more money and
> this combats deflation.

> What I find very compelling about this solution is that A) its
> permanent. No need to add new sinks with new expansion packs so
> its less long term work for the developer. B) its completely
> transparent to the players allowing them to complain to the
> developers about how some other class race combo has more buffs,
> rather than complain about why rocks are so expensive.

This hit me with a bit of inspiration. Instead of making money and
XP interchangeable, perhaps they could be somewhat interchangeable.

In in-game terms, there is a temple that can receive sacrifices. It
accepts gold and in exchange it ups the universal XP rate. Over time
the rate degrades back down so it is a constant money sink. The main
problem with this is that once players have reached the max level,
they have no incentive to contribute. There could be other gods that
also accept donations such as: health regeneration, item quality,
hunger factor, travel time, etc.

Theoretically a nice community wide buff that the richer players
would be inclined to donate to.
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