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Randolf Richardson randy at inter-corporate.com
Mon Jan 2 07:44:37 New Zealand Daylight Time 2006

Mike Rozak wrote:
> Damion Schubert wrote:

>> Different strokes for different folks.  It took me a long time to
>> realize that I don't like quests that fork because I'm a
>> completionist - I want to see ALL the content, I don't want to be
>> forced to have to see only half of it - the funny writer might
>> have written the OTHER half!

This is only really a problem if the quest can only be completed
once.  If the players can perform the quest again in order to
experience every fork, and most of the forks occur early enough so
as not to make it tedious, then this isn't a problem in my view (I'm
also a "completionist" when it comes to performing RPG quests).

> I often find myself trying to complete every quest and investigate
> every nook too. However, forcing/coaxing players to do the same
> ultimately diminishes their range of choices. Given my current
> plan, I assume that players that want to "see it all" will need
> around four characters, although schedule constraints might reduce
> this number.

Since there are different types of players, forcing all to "see it
all" will make the quests boring to a certain group of them.  I
think it would be good to reward the "see it all" types with extra
unrelated items such as basic weapons or tools (which they can sell
to merchants or other players), or currency, so they won't feel
their efforts are wasted (and at the same time those who rush
through quests quickly won't feel that they've missed something

Additional dynamic quests could be started automatically.  One idea
I have is to reward giving the extra items that were discovered to
new (low level) players.  An example of a found item could be marked
as "Mohogany wand, discovered in the Green Forest Quest" as a means
of "advertising" the quest to the newer players (they may need a
higher level to perform the quest, but at least they'll know it
exists now).  Giving the items away to lower level players should
yield a reward such as bonus experience points in some related skill
(e.g., performing magic that utilizes wands in general, but not
mohogany wands specifically), or alter the player's character
alignment according to their preference, etc.

> Does anyone know/guess what the breakdown in player personalities
> w/respect to "personally compelled to try every path" is?

I don't know, but I'm guessing that one or more of the following
personality traits (I encourage everyone to add to this list) may
factor into it (the first two apply to me):

  - The player enjoys exploring the virtual world

  - The player is very detailed in real life

  - The player assumes that they may miss something important if
  they don't "see it all" (even if not performing a quest)

  - The player is bored and feels starved for every little bit of
  entertainment they can get out of the game before they quit it
  entirely (this may be a design flaw, lack of content problem,

  - The player is greedy and wants to maximize all possible rewards

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