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(is this thing dead?)

AO has the concept of team-levels, but they don't persist across sessions.
That is, after a period of time the team goes up a level, but the levels
disappear when the team disbands.

As we all know, character levels and teaming don't go well together (or
rather, large differences in skills and teaming don't). What if you tie
levels to teams instead of characters?

Suggested design:

Teamownership: the more you play in a team the greater ownership you get.
Teamownership is limited the range 0.0-0.3 per character.

Teams have associated capabilites (bonuses, keys etc) that evolve over time.

When players join a group the server evalutes the player's teamownerships
and activates the teams which have > 0.5 teamownership in that group.
Group members without teamownerhip may gain ownerhip by participating.

The system requires some effective teleporting and looking-for-team
functionality in order to make reestablishing teams easy.

- players benefit from participating in many different teams as they then
get more teams to choose from.
- players aren't excluded based on how much they play
- you get team persistence without requiring a fixed set of members

Serious disadvantage: you risk being locked out of your main team if you
don't play long sessions.

Solution: have a variable maximum number for team-members, the more
important the team is for the player the more slack the system provides on
the max-limit.


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