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Tue Feb 21 23:44:23 New Zealand Daylight Time 2006

Thus spake olag at ifi.uio.no...
> AO has the concept of team-levels, but they don't persist across sessions.
> That is, after a period of time the team goes up a level, but the levels
> disappear when the team disbands.
> As we all know, character levels and teaming don't go well together (or
> rather, large differences in skills and teaming don't). What if you tie
> levels to teams instead of characters?
> Suggested design:
> Teamownership: the more you play in a team the greater ownership you get.
> Teamownership is limited the range 0.0-0.3 per character.
> Teams have associated capabilites (bonuses, keys etc) that evolve over time.
> When players join a group the server evalutes the player's teamownerships
> and activates the teams which have > 0.5 teamownership in that group.
> Group members without teamownerhip may gain ownerhip by participating.

Isn't that a Guild? :P

In all seriousness, there's no reason this couldn't be achieved by 
simply adding a bit more functionality to the standard Guild concept, 
which is usually little more than a chat channel anyway.

Teaming with memebers of your Guild provides bonuses - how (or if) those 
bonuses scale would likely vary with your game mechanics. My (very 
slowly) developing MUD has a specific skill for boosting group morale 
(faster endurance recovery, etc.) which develops the longer you lead a team.

Also, and this is a sloght tangent, there's no reason a player has to be 
a memeber of only one guild or faction - the original suggestion allows 
for a player to be a member of many groups, and there's no reason that 
shouldn't be extended to the typical guild system.

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