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Bridget BridgetAG at lyrael.net
Fri Feb 24 07:16:48 New Zealand Daylight Time 2006

Bridget=92s GDC Social
March 22nd

Designers, researchers, theorists, Terra Novans, MUD-Dev=92ers; =

Ludiumites, and the newly affiliated Metaverse Roadmappers =

(accelerating.org/metaverse), here is another chance to crowd the =

couches, enjoy pricey drinks and cheap conversation; Wednesday 4-6 pm =

(and beyond). Adjacent to the Fairmont hotel, a block or two from the =

Convention center.

Paragon Restaurant Bar
Located at the Hotel Montgomery
201 S. First Street, San Jose

There is a bar food menu as well. This is =93no host=94, very casual. Just =

drop by (I=92ll prop up a sign), or RSVP to be in the communications loop. =

Look for us inside the lounge.

We will be kicked out bodily at 6pm - =93Please note that at 6pm sharp we =

will need your group to clear the area.=94 =96 so we can adjourn to a nearb=
y =

dinner, see the awards or come up with some other plan.

Questions, email me.

See you there!


-- =

Bridget C. Agabra Goldstein
BridgetAG at lyrael.net
(626) 644.4987

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